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Fly into Brisbane. Transit to Caboolture and One Ten Motorcycles, collect bikes, familiarise ourselves with bikes, ride briefly south to Byron Bay, then west for two weeks through the Outback until we reach the west coast and Perth. Fly home. 



I had originally priced the trip up at £2500 but with further research it's thought that from the viewpoint of safety we really ought to have some sort of back up. For much of it we'll be a long way from repair shops and medical centres. There'll be long stretches without fuel or water and therefore we need to carry a fair bit of stuff. I have then provisionally arranged for a 4x4 driven by an experienced Outback driver to shadow us. This would lighten the load of the bikes and give us ability to carry spare parts and take much of the worry out if things go wrong. The cost of this has been divided up and added to the ticket price. Consider it an insurance waiver that we hopefully don't have to use. 


The cost also includes use of a fully prepped and serviced Honda CT110 or the more modern NBC110 Super Cub that Oz mail has used since 2013. I have a sneaky suspicion people are going to want the classic model but with them now discontinued it will be a case of sourcing enough of them in good enough condition for the trip. Either bike will be up to the job. The plan is for all bikes to come equipped with the necessary fuel and fluid capacity for some of the long stretches. All bikes will be sourced and serviced by One Ten Motorcycles in Caboolture before departure, with fresh tyres, chain and sprockets and anything else needed. One Ten Motorcycles is where I bought my postie bike from to ride back to England and I trust Joe and his guys to do a top job. The bikes will come third party insured. Accommodation will be a mixture of wild camping, campsites and 5* hotels (or maybe not the latter).


A return trip flight will likely cost around £700. There will also be the cost of fuel, accommodation and food along the way. There will be much camping and stove cooking, which will help keep travel costs low. I anticipate a total cost of around £4000-£4500 per person. Everyone will be expected to have solid health insurance.



The intended route runs East to West and cuts right through the heart of the Outback. It will be around 4000 miles in total and involve classic Outback tracks such as the Oodnadatta Track, Strzelecki Track, possibly the Gunbarrel Highway (depending on condition) and the Great Central Road. We’ll pass through Burke in the East and out past Ayers Rock in the West. The route in parts is very remote. For the most part it will be unpaved and range from compact gravel/sand to two track soft sand riding. The route may need to vary as we go and as planning progresses. This will be a fully guided trip. Unlike other Garbage Runs where people are encouraged to ride at their own pace and own route, we will look to stick together as a single group.


A second option, and this will depend on group riding ability, weather forecasts and preference within the group, is to take a northerly route; up the coast to Rockhampton, then due west inland until we pick up the Outback Way, an unsealed road that joins the more southerly route just outside Alice Springs. It would then continue on past Ayers Rock etc. It's still a great Outback route, maybe just a little less challenging if the weather's bad and also with more to see along the way.

Both routes will end in Perth. There I expect people will fly home or stay and do their own thing. 



I make no bones in saying there are dangers to this trip. They range from the heat, road conditions, other traffic and of course the creepies and crawlies of Australia. I’ll do my best to mitigate against such things but the reality is that this is a tough trip, with tough conditions. There’ll be long riding days, averaging around 240 miles a day. We’ll be camping, space for luxuries will be at a minimum and some of the riding will be arduous and testing. People need to be realistic about their suitability for this trip. There is no room for people who have bitten off more than they can chew. I see it more as a motorcycle expedition than a holiday or typical guided tour. Everyone will need to pull together and play their part. I won’t be able to carry everyone, physically or mentally, and once out in the Outback people need to except the dangers that come with being so far from civilisation.


I will be renting a couple of satellite phones in case we do have an incident, but the best precaution is for everyone to ride safely and within their limits. This is not a trip for hot heads or Evil Knievels. I need competent riders who know their limits and who are able to ride safely as a group. If anyone fails in that, riding without consideration for others, then I would be prepared to offload you from the trip in the early stages. 


This will be a group trip like no other. It will be an expedition and adventure for us all. We will encounter the heart of the Outback, which is still my favourite landscape from my Sydney to London run. We will camp and dine at remote outposts and roadhouses, we will pass through Aboriginal land and see the side of Australia you would not otherwise see. We’ll have nights under the stars, days of endless horizons, good camaraderie, a solid challenge and a huge accomplishment at the end. This will be a trip to remember.



If you are an inexperienced rider then this isn’t for you. I don’t mean experienced in the sense that you have to be an enduro rider or Dakar god, but you need to be confident and willing to give tricky conditions a go. Obviously the bikes will help. They’re light and easily manageable, even when loaded. The speeds will also be limited to around 40-45mph and the pace will not be frantic.

You should also avoid this trip if you don’t care for roughing it. There will be many nights in a tent, as well as days on end in the same clothes. There will also be no hand holding and nursing. If you are looking for a relaxed, enjoyable ride in Australia this isn’t the trip for you. 

Also if you have any medical issues that might affect your ability to complete the trip then I would rather you say now than it become an issue mid trip.



At the moment I have in excess of 40 people interested in the run. I only intended running 6 bikes, although I may stretch this to 8. I’d imagine some of this information will have whittled the numbers down slightly, but ultimately I can’t take everyone. Because of the nature of the trip I’m doing this by application rather than first one to the gate.

If you are still interested in the run I ask you to supply me with the following information:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Riding Experience

  • Medical issues

  • Skill Set (this could be medic, cook, masseuse, mechanic. If you can bring something to the team that would be useful, but equally you won’t be ruled out just because you bring only your charm or your wit. 


I don’t want anyone to take offence if they’re not ‘chosen’ and I hate using that word as ideally I would take everyone, but I can’t. Obviously if the trip is a success then more may follow. If we all perish in the Outback then it will sadly be the last one. 


If anyone wants to chat things through with me before going any further then please do so either by email or Facebook, or phone 07562729672.


The plan would be to have everyone in place by Christmas. I would need a non refundable deposit to secure place before Christmas, but I would send booking conditions and the ins and outs in due course. For now I just need to know who’s still interested. Contact me either through email; or Facebook by messaging me at



There’s a possibility that I will run a trip in return, riding back from Perth to Brisbane. This may follow soon after the first run, or later in the year, possibly October. This would be on the same bikes (refreshed after the first trip) but the route would be easier going, taking in more Tarmac, as well as the famous Nullarbor Highway, the Snowy Mountains, then up from Sydney along the coast. I envisage the same length of time as the first run. The cost would be less than the first run (TBC), simply because the risk and responsibility on my shoulders is less. 


The ultimate adventure, riding retired Australian postal bikes from the furthest point East to the furthest point West, straight through the heart of the Outback.