All Tours are operated by Garbage Run tours (“The Tour Operator”), owned and operated by Nathan Millward.



It is accepted that sometimes people have to cancel and the more notice you can give the better. If you need to cancel a booking please contact me by email at the earliest opportunity.


  • The deposit to secure the booking is non-refundable. 

  • The remaining balance is refundable on the basis of a replacement rider being found. 

  • Where possible a booking could be transferred to another trip but this will be on a discretionary basis, depending on the proximity to the tour starting and the financial outlay already incurred by myself as the tour operator.

  • Once a tour has commenced, no refund will be made if the customer curtails the tour or, for any other reason, does not complete the tour.



I reserve the right to cancel any tour - however, this would only become necessary in exceptional circumstances. In such an event, I would hope to offer you an alternative. If this were not possible or acceptable, I would issue a full refund. Garbage Run Tours will not be held responsible or offer a refund/compensation in any of the following situations: war, riots, civil unrest, terrorism, natural disaster or any unforeseen cancellations due to industrial 

disputes and/or weather



Arrangements for your tour are made months in advance. It is therefore inevitable that changes can occur. In most cases, these changes will be minor and will not affect your trip. However, in the event of a major change, I will advise you immediately and you may then (a) continue the tour with the new itinerary, (b) accept an alternative of the same or similar value, or (c) cancel your tour with a full refund.



Your participation in a trip is entirely at your own risk. Garbage Run Tours is NOT responsible or liable for any injuries you may suffer, fatal or otherwise as a result of participation in one of the tours. Also, Garbage Run Tours is NOT responsible for any loss or damage to your property, including your motorcycle, irrespective of how any damage may have been caused. Clients should note that personal accident insurance is not provided. 



Participants providing their own motorcycle are required to ensure that their motorcycle is in a good road legal condition, has valid insurance, road fund license and MOT cover, as applicable. Participants are responsible for their own motorcycle, its use and conformity to local laws and regulations. Participants are required to ride their motorcycle in accordance with local laws and regulations. Any motorcycle accident involving a Participant will never be the Tour Operator’s responsibility.


You are expected to ride in a courteous manner, in respect of other road users, and especially the other members of the tour.  This is a group event and as such you, as a member of the group, have some responsibility towards other group members.  If you look after them they will look after you. We expect you to ride safely at all times, and it is your responsibility to be individually aware of the prevailing speed limits, road signs and rules of the road and to ride within your limits at all times. 


  • You must not be affected by alcohol or recreational drugs. Please remember this the night before! 

  • Riders must be considerate of the countryside and other users of the byways and unclassified county roads. We do not want one of our group to cause injury to a walker, cyclist, horse rider or damage and/or injury to another vehicle user. 

  • Riders who show reckless disregard for the safety of other riders will be given one verbal warning. Beyond that, if they continue to put the safety of others in jeopardy, then that rider will be required to leave the group with no refund forthcoming.


The Participant(s) must be aware that we may take photographs, videos and films of the Participant(s) whilst on the tour, of which we reserve the right to use such material for any advertising, brochures and video production, and other marketing uses without obtaining further consent. 



  • By signing up to a Garbage Run Tour you accept responsibility for your own actions on the trip at all times.

  • You are expected to ride within your limits and not put other riders or road users at risk.

  • Traffic violations are your own. It is up to you to ride within the confines of the law.

  • If you put other riders at risk or display a lack of courtesy towards other riders you will be given one warning and after that asked to leave.

  • If you have to cancel be realistic. You cannot cancel two weeks before a run and expect a full refund. 

  • Turn up on a a safe, legal and reliable bike. The more reliable the better.

  • These are not fully guided tours. You will at times need to navigate for yourself. This is all part of Garbage Run.

  • Tour routes and accommodation stops sometimes have to change. This can’t be helped. You will be notified at the earliest opportunity of such changes. 

  • If you leave the trip midway through you will not get a refund.

  • Garbage Runs have no competitive or timed element. They are leisure runs operated on public highways within the confines of the law